Jeffrey Polnaja is the first Indonesian motorcyclist to ride around the world.

On April 23, 2006 he embarked on his ‘Ride For Peace’ journey from Jakarta, Indonesia. He traveled through Asia, North Africa, Europe, North America, Central America, South America and Australia.  By the time he finished his journey on 2015, he had ridden 420,000 kilometers, passed through 97 countries. During this trip he only once returned home.

Jeffrey Polnaja was awarded Jupiter’s Traveller membership by its founder Ted Simon and the director of Jupiter’s Traveller Iain Harper, while enlivening HU California 2013 in Cambria, USA. Jupiters Traveller is a prestigious non-profit organization that accommodates tough adventurers from all over the world.

He also received the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, the highest award that can be given by Indonesian Moto Association (IMI) to the Indonesian automotive enthusiast. Since IMI was established more than 100 years ago (1906), only two people have been given this award.

The story of his journey has been published by International and National media.

Now he is preparing for his next amazing journey, EQUATORIDE.

He will doing solo ride circumnavigation along the equator, zig-zagging between Tropical of Cancer (23.5 North Latitude) and Tropical of Capricorn (23.5 South Latitude).

Let’s wait and follow the journey…

Cheers !