Ride the World


The coup de grace came as the last presenter took the stage. It was none other than my new friend Jeffrey Polnaja from Indonesia, who lit up the entire event with his beautiful presence. His hugely uplifting, poignant and humorous presentation painted his Ride for Peace across the world as not only a personal journey of deep self-discovery, but also as a movement that could change the world.

From country to country, Jeffrey was spreading the awareness that more and more people want to live in a peaceful world. These are the grand dreams we can all get behind. Thank you for the inspiration, Horizons Unlimited. (ADV Moto)


Going and Coming by Ted Simon

That was thanks to Jeffrey Polnaja. After riding his own bike around the world, he has bent heaven and earth, and his bank balance, to bring biker brotherhood to Indonesia. He found a fabulous beach two islands along from Bali, in Sumbawa, and a couple of hundreds lucky people sported around palm and crystal clear water, being watched over by life-sized concrete elephant, a giraffe and a giant turtle…Great food. Good conversation. Go there… (Jupitalia – TED SIMON)


Jeffrey Polnaja – The Impossible Journey; Motorcycle Shipping by Land or Sea

Before Jeffrey started his around the world motorcycle trip back in 2006, he heard the word “impossible” over and over again. Jeffrey comes from a country where solo world travel isn’t readily embraced by their culture, and travel is more often done in groups.  The Indonesian Rupiah currency is low in value compared to the US dollar. And people told him with the time needed, the distance he would cover, cultural differences and the natural challenges, that it was a far fetched idea and that it was an unattainable dream.  (ADVENTURE RIDER RADIO – The Voice of Moto Travel)


Biking Around the World for World Peace

ROME, Italy – Indonesian motorbike rider Jeffrey Polnaja arrived in Rome, Italy’s capital, which was his sixth European port of call after Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Switzerland.

During his stay in Rome, he visited the Town Hall, and he is due to visit Vatican city. He will visit San Marino State on Italy’s Adriatic coast and Venice, before heading to Austria and Slovenia. (eTurbo News – Mario Masciullo)


Round the World Biker Feels the Planet

Moscow, Russia – Indonesian round-the-world biker Jeffrey Polnaja rolled into Moscow on Tuesday on the 43rd stage of a 100-country.  (IOL-Russia)